SDXess An Intelligent VPN Service

People around the world have the need to keep their information secure when they are surfing the internet or simple get access to content that is not allowed to be distributed in their own countries. In order to resolve this issue, users commonly decide to use VPN Service (Virtual Private Network), which is a secure tunnel between two or more devices that will manage the routing of the user data traffic.

There are several VPN services around the world, some of them offering free services but with some issues such as:

VPN service
  • Slow speed: connection speed normally is very poor.
  • Random availability: a stable service cannot be sustained due to IP blockage.
  • Security Risks: untrusted services do not guarantee the privacy of user data.
  • Configuration Difficulty: users commonly feel frustrated because they cannot configure the VPN service in their device or they do not know how to get started.

For those reasons, the users are always looking forward for new services which could adapt to their need of stability, speed, security, availability and comprehensive use.

Proposed Solution

The proposed solution is a multi platform VPN Client that will allow the users to surf the internet without any frustration due to it will include an intuitive user interface, provide high network stability, support of traffic routing automatically to different locations, support an adjustable traffic routing meanwhile keeping the security and privacy of the data without affecting the user experience.

Functions and specifications

Stable and Always Available, anytime that the users requires to connect to the VPN service it will be accessible and with high reliability.

Multiple Locations Traffic Routing, user’s traffic will be automatically routed between servers in different locations around the world, initially located in USA, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Mainland China. Finding the best route for the user connection maintain user experience.

User Configurable Traffic Routing, users can add, delete or modify a list of websites to go through the VPN. Google and Facebook are included by default.

Anonymous Surfing, user’s location and IP will be hidden to the visited websites. Information goes through a secure channel, the VPN service will encrypt the data that goes out from your connection.

Access to Blocked Online Content, users can easily unblock and access their favorite online contents from anywhere. Access to websites from user’s current location is not affected.

Uninterrupted voice and video transmission, the quality on user’s video calls and streaming services is not affected.

Local network friendly, services deployed on user’s local network will continue to work as expected.

User Authentication Interface, in order to get access to the VPN service the users must provide their authentication credentials through a user friendly and intuitive interface.

User Registration, through a web service every customer will be able to create their own user account and manage their details such as basic information and password.

Service Subscription, customers can subscribe and pay monthly fee with their credit card at

Multiple Platform support, SDXess supports several operating systems such as Windows, MacOSX, Linux Desktop OS, Android, iOS and browser extensions such as Google Chrome and Firefox.

Local to user websites that have blocks on foreign IP, the access to these websites will not be blocked or affected while use SDXess.

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